Thursday, February 5, 2009

I stole this from But this is me

Name: Kimberly Renee Banks
Birth date: August 25, 1985
Birthplace: Atlanta, GA
Current Location: Atlanta, GA
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black; but the its dyed brown with honey streaks
Height: 5'1
Piercings: Yes 5
Tattoos: No
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No
Overused phrase: Clearly
Food: Mexican and Seafood
Candy: Gummy Bears, Almond Joys, or Reeses
Number: 13, 15
Color: Purple and Red
Animal: Tweety
Drink: Raspberry Ginger ale
Bagel: Asiago cheese with plain cream cheese
NFL Team: Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers
Vacation Spot: Madrid
This or That
Pepsi or Coke: Cherry or Vanilla Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonalds: only nuggets
Strawberry or Watermelon: Strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea: Sweet Ice tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla with strawberries on top
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Godiva Hot Chocolate with soy milk and raspberry syrup
Dog or Cat: Dog
Rap or Punk: Rap
Summer or Winter: Summer
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funny movies...I love to laugh
Love or Money: Love,Love,Love.....SIEMPRE AMOR!!!!
Bedtime: Hopefully before midnight
Most Missed Memory: the FB and BBall games
Best physical feature: My smile
First Thought Waking Up: I'm glad I opened my eyes today, and that I hear the sounds of my family and am glad that they are ok as well
Goal for this year: One is a secret and the other is to continue my education
Weakness:Want to see the best in everyone, I can be too trusting
Fears: 18 wheelers, loneliness, heartbreak, and heights
Heritage: African American
Longest relationship: depends on the perspective
Ever been beaten up: No
Ever beaten someone up: No
Ever Shoplifted: No
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: yes
Been Dumped Lately: LOL
Number of Regrets in the Past: Never regret anything, because at one point in time it was exactly what you wanted.
What country do you want to Visit: Australia
How do you want to Die: When I have completed God's plan for my life
Been to the Mall Lately: Yes
Do you like Thunderstorms: Yes, I like to lay in the bed listening to the rain
Get along with your Parents: Lol, yeah my parents are wonderful
Health Freak: sometimes
Do you think your Attractive: I think that I am beautiful young black woman
Believe in Yourself: Yes of course, If I don't who will
Shower Daily: Um yeah, if you don't...EEEWWWW
Been in Love: Yes, Its wonderful...but you have to deal with the good and bad
Do you Sing: Yea I sing in the car or in my house when I'm alone
Do you want Children: Yes
How many: I want about 2 to 3.. But probably 2
Have your future kids names planned out: I have thought about it but nothing is definate. That a decision for parents to make together.

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